Mountain Bike Skills Network is a new podcast on Mountain Bike Radio

My Mountain Bike Skills Network podcast (show) launched yesterday on Mountain Bike Radio (MBR), a network of offroad cycling podcasts.

Griff Wigley, host, Mountain Bike Skills Network podcast MBR founder Ben Welnak

The first episode is an introduction. MBR founder Ben Welnak (MBR profile here) interviews me about my mtb background and plans for the show.

Mountain Bike Skills Network Podcast

At the 52-minute mark of this initial one-hour episode, I talk about my plans for complementarity between the podcast and the Mountain Bike Skills Network Facebook group. My hope is that the discussions in that online community will provide me with ideas for podcast episodes which I’ll then use to reflect back to the community, furthering the discussion.

Want to know more about MBR founder Ben Welnak?  The Athlete of Fire podcast did a 2104 episode profile him here.

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Maybe you’ve heard about manuals and bunny hops. Maybe you understand — maybe not — how they can improve your riding. The fun you can have. Maybe you’ve tried to learn them on your own. Maybe you’ve not gotten the hang of them. Maybe there’s a better way.

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Video: riding up and down an icy corner

MTB coach Elaine Bothe is the first featured guest expert in the Mountain Bike Skills Network Facebook Group starting Feb. 13

I’m pleased to announce that MTB coach Elaine Bothe will be our first featured guest expert in my Mountain Bike Skills Network (MTBSN) Facebook Group starting Monday Feb. 13 and continuing through the week. I’ve asked her to focus on two topics: 1) Fear; 2) Jumps.

Elaine Bothe, mtb coach with students

I’ve never met Elaine in person but I’ve gotten to see her work as an online Ambassador and Coach for Ryan Leech’s online courses and community, as well as a regular contributor to his blog. She’s an Associate Coach for Wenzel Coaching​, based in Portland, Oregon and is an Affiliate Instructor with Simon Lawton’s Fluidride in the Seattle, WA area.

Elaine Bothe, mtb coach with student

See her Facebook profile and follow her @elainebbikes Instagram feed.

To participate, join the free Mountain Bike Skills Network (MTBSN) group.

Rebranding in process: More Mountain Bike Skills Network, less Mountain Bike Geezer

Mountain Bike Skills Network

It’s increasingly clear to me that the more I focus on developing a network that connects mountain bikers who are interested in riding skills, the more engaged I am in what I do. It might even be better for my business.

So you’ll be seeing more of Mountain Bike Skills Network and less of Mountain Bike Geezer in my communications.  I’ve changed my Facebook page, Instagram feed, Twitter feed, and email newsletter to reflect this.  This blog/website will gradually change.

Video: Interviewed by Gene Arnold, founder of Regular Guy Mountain Biking & host of the Bike Chat show on YouTube

I was interviewed last week by Gene Arnold, founder of Regular Guy Mountain Biking and host of the weekly Bike Chat show on YouTube. He published the interview (23 minutes) today.

Among those I mentioned on the show: Ryan Leech & his Ryan Leech Connection; James Wilson & his MTB Strength Training Systems; and Lee McCormack & his Lee Likes Bikes.

He surprised me with the ending. Classy, Gene!

Video: demonstrating side-to-side bike/body separation for holding a line