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Who wants a FREE ticket to a Train Ugly one-day workshop in Denver Colorado, July 13? I was one of the first 30 to register so I scored an extra one. I’ll be in Denver from July 12-15.

I’ve become fascinated with “the science of learning” and how to get better at getting better, especially when it comes to improving my practice methodology for motor skills like mountain biking, of course. See the Motor Learning Hub section of the Train Ugly website.

Trevor Ragan, the founder of Train Ugly, has some great online content about learning how to learn (blog, videos, podcast, etc) and is evidently a very good presenter. I’ll report back in a few weeks.

The Learner Workshop

Contact me if you’d like the free ticket.

Learning how to learn

I’ve made considerable progress in my jumping skills this year. I’ve been taking Ryan Leech’s Jump With Confidence course via his Ryan Leech Connection (RLC) online mountain bike skills coaching website and practicing several times/week at a local skills park where I’ve built several beginner-level table tops.

Here’s a one-minute clip of some of my recent beginner-level jump attempts this fall.  Yes, I know, there are visible flaws in these attempts which I’m still working to correct even as the ground is now frozen and covered with a few inches of snow (I’ve been shoveling). But the cool thing is my confidence is solid. The course is aptly named.

In 2017, my skills focus was on learning to bunny hop and manual via Ryan’s Bunny Hop Master Class and his Manual Master Class. Here’s a one-minute of my beginner-levels skills:


In 2015-16, my focus was on track stands, hopping, and rocking via Ryan’s Baseline Balance Skills course. Here are two short videos of me putting those skills to use on technical sections of some local trails:

I also happen to be one of several RLC skills coaches who answers questions and provides online feedback to those taking the online courses at the Ryan Leech Connection (RLC) online mountain bike skills coaching website.Read the rest

Learning to ride Video