Year: 2011

I went riding at the MN River Bottoms again yesterday and discovered the trail segment that runs on the east side of the backwater, very close to the river.  The Black Dog power plant is right across the river, about midway between Cedar and I-35W.

Overall it’s flat and very sandy, with lots of small but fun ups and downs. And there are a fair number of optional technical obstacles.  It’s fat bike heaven but I had no trouble on my 29’er.

Sandy trail, MN River Bottoms IMG_20111229_143222 IMG_20111229_152927

MORC member Phil Westover has created this terrific Google Map he calls the South Bloomington Trail Network.

View South Bloomington Trail Network in a larger map


With temps nearing 50 and Christmas calories weighing me down, I went  riding on the Battle Creek Park Reserve mountain bike trail system on the east side of St. Paul for the first time this afternoon, early enough to give me time to explore since the MORC reviewer notes:

One common complaint with this trail is that there is no one right way to ride it. This leads to confusion on the part of people who are not familiar with the trail. It also causes some scary near misses by bikers bombing around blind corners not expecting to see people coming the other way.

Mountain bikers at Battle Creek Park Reserve: Tim Larson, David Gavin, Eric Marr and Dan MalechaI got lucky, though: five other guys showed up at the Battle Creek Community Center parking lot at the same time and they let me join them. L to R: Tim Larson, David Gavin, Eric Marr and Dan Malecha. Not pictured: Tim Brinkmann.

I’m not exactly sure where we went, but one of the guys said we covered 17 miles. Looking at the map (jpg)  of the area, I’m guessing we covered 50% or better, including sections called “Jesus Saves,” the “Wall of Death,” and “The Luge.”

The trails were 90% dry, with just an occasional muddy spot. … Read the rest