Year: <span>2015</span>

Myrna Mibus and son Ryan Myrna Mibus and son Ryan - crash

Back in the summer of 2013, I took Myrna Mibus, a friend who lives near Northfield, and her son Ryan to the Salem Hills Mountain Bike Trail in Inver Grove Heights for their first ride on a mtb trail. They both had fun (Ryan giggled the whole time, despite a few crashes) and not too long after that, Myrna and her husband Owen bought fat bikes.

Myrna Mibus, fat biking in Sechler Park Myrna Mibus, fat biking in Sechler Park 4

Today I accompanied her on her first ‪‎fat bike‬ ride on the more challenging sections of CROCT’s Sechler Park mtb trail here in Northfield. 


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Guest posts Learning to ride Media

I’m thinking my next Thick Skull Mountain Bike Skills instructional series should be about unweighting/unloading, paying most attention to rear wheel unweighting and rear wheel lifts.

Many intermediate/advanced riders I see rely only on their suspension for small-to-medium obstacles and don’t seem to realize the problems that this causes, eg, loss of traction, fatigue, etc. And then they also miss out on some of the fun that a gnarly section of trail or a technical obstacle can provide.

Here’s a 15-second video clip from last October when I was experimenting with some parking lot drills on my hardtail, first showing rear wheel unweighting over some small firewood and then a rear wheel lift up a curb (no front wheel braking):

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