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With a big assist from the City of Northfield Public Works staff, the CROCT MTB skills park in Northfield’s Sechler Park got some improvements this year. Workers brought in several truckloads of dirt to improve six of the seven beginner and intermediate jumps in the main jump line and expand the launch mound. In addition, they moved the giant boulder lurking along the park’s swampy edge and reinstalled the kiosk next to the launch mound. Slideshow:

CROCT (Cannon River Offroad Cycling and Trails), our local mountain bike club in Rice County, has partnered with the City of Northfield to have a multi-purpose trail in the City’s Sechler Park since the club was founded in 2014. I’m one of the CROCT volunteers who helps to maintain the skills park.

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Pat Mitzel, one of my best local riding buddies and a member of the Ryan Leech Connection where I’m a part-time coach, has published a 27-page PDF titled, The Backyard MTB Feature Build Guide. It’s available via this post, A DIY Guide to Building Backyard MTB Practice Obstacles on the RLC blog. The 27-page guide includes a tool list, materials, and details for how to build each feature.

The post also includes a 2.5-minute video of Pat riding many of the obstacles:

Griff Wigley with Pat Mitzel


Learning to ride

A 2.5-minute video of my thoughts about practicing during the pandemic:



I’m more than a little excited to get my MTB Practice Lab podcast launched this week since I’ve been noodling and tinkering with it for over a year. My way-too-long tagline for it:

The Art and Science of Getting Better at Practicing Skills  for Mountain Biking… and For the Rest of Your Life

The first two “overview” episodes are now available. See the info page for the show here on the website. I’ll be updating that regularly over the next couple of weeks as it takes a while for the podcasting services to get the show listed.

And I’ve set up an MTB Practice Lab Patreon page where you’ll be able to connect with me and others about each episode of the show as well as offer your financial support.

I’ll be posting updates about the show both here on the blog as well as on Patreon. And I’ll be sending out updates via my e-newsletter.

In the meantime: W00t!


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