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Give the Gift of MTB Skills to Someone Who is Eager to Learn

In 2018, I’ve gotten more involved than ever with RLC: Ryan Leech Connection (“Online Mountain Bike Skills Coaching”).

I’m an RLC skills coach, a special projects/admin guy, a marketing affiliate, and a dedicated student in several of the RLC skills courses. 

So consider taking my biased advice: 

Give someone who’s ready to improve their MTB skills an RLC membership or a course!

See the special RLC Gift page here

And here’s a special deal from me:

You can get a whole month  of membership FREE (normally it’s 7 days) or $19 off a first purchase of any course by using this special code from me: GW19BC. Enter it on the checkout page.

How it works:

  1. Visit the RLC Gift page and click on the course (or membership) you’d like to give as a gift. That will take you to a checkout page
  2. Purchase the gift course or membership (don’t forget to enter my coupon code at checkout: GW19BC)
  3. Immediately after purchase you’ll receive an email with a unique web address
  4. Send that address to your favorite person where they will add their name and email to gain full access to the course or membership
  5. You’ll also get a cool gift card PDF that you can use when giving the gift. Print it out or send it digitally. Here’s an example of a gift card for the wheelie course:

And if you’re inclined to get yourself an RLC gift — a course or membership — go here.

Got questions? Contact me.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Mountain Bike Geezer teams up with Ryan Leech, pro mountain biker & coach

Ryan LeechI’m pleased to announce that I’m teaming up with pro mountain biker Ryan Leech at his Performance Mountain Biking & Coaching website, As a longtime customer and student of Ryan’s, I’ve seen firsthand how his instructional philosophy mirrors my beliefs that:

  • Online instructional modules should make use of videos, graphics, text, so you can pick your preferred ways to learn.
  • Online instruction should emphasize how you can learn more directly from your experience, guiding your attention to what happens when you do different things so that you become more confident in your ability to learn.

His first two online courses (30-Day Wheelie Challenge; and Baseline Balance Skills) live up to his site’s tagline: “Creating the highest quality, most comprehensive and effective online technical skill training programs for mountain bikers.”  The depth of the instruction (yes, LOTS of drills and exercises) and the superb production quality are impressive.

Continue reading Mountain Bike Geezer teams up with Ryan Leech, pro mountain biker & coach

I failed Ryan Leech’s 30-Day Wheelie Challenge. Join me as I try again.

Ryan LeechLast spring when I saw that pro mountain biker and coach Ryan Leech was going to offer an online 30-day course on learning to wheelie, I was thrilled because A) I suck at wheelies; and B) he was going to use an online approach to learning a complex skill similar to what I’ve been doing with my Thick Skull Mountain Bike Skills online instructional courses , ie, many small steps, using exercises and drills, with a multimedia delivery platform.

I started the course back in April when it launched but I quit after about ten lessons. I started having low back pain, something I struggled with years ago but eventually solved (or so I thought) with a special regimen of pilates and yoga called Back RX which I described in this 2013 blog post. I thought my subsequent regimen of kettlebells and free weights (more on this in a future newsletter) would be enough to keep my back in good shape for mountain biking so I quit doing Back RX.

That appears to have been a mistake, because like most geezers, the discs in my back are gradually degenerating with age so exercises that work on my flexibility are just as important as those for strength and endurance. I know, duh, right? Continue reading I failed Ryan Leech’s 30-Day Wheelie Challenge. Join me as I try again.