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Guest posts Learning to ride Media

Guest posts Learning to ride Media

Guest posts Learning to ride Media

Singletracks LHHF blog post screenshotI got to know editor Greg Heil when we and several others collaborated on the development of an mtb-related product.  

So I submitted a guest blog post based on my 3-part ‘Light Hands, Heavy Feet’ video series and he published it on Monday.

It’s titled Light Hands, Heavy Feet: 17 Drills to Help Make Your Riding More Stable no Matter What the Terrain. (You can comment on the blog post with either your Facebook or Singletracks account.)

Greg told me yesterday that article had generated thousands pageviews and hundreds of ‘shares’ and that he was planning to include it in this week’s Singletracks enewsletter.  (The newsletter is free to anyone who signs up for one of the Singletracks memberships.)

Part 1 of my video series can be viewed at the end of the Singletracks article. Parts 2 and 3, plus a Powerpoint presentation and an audio version are available free here.

Guest posts Learning to ride Media

Porter Million with SWC-TV crew Porter Million with SWC-TV crew Porter Million with SWC-TV crew
Back in June when I blogged the Anatomy of a MORC MTB trail work crew: reshaping corners at Carver Lake Park, I also took a few photos of MORC Dirt Boss Porter Million being interviewed by a film crew from SWC-TV who was working on a show for the City of Woodbury’s magazine-style program called Woodbury Citystyle.

The video of the show is now available online. Intro text:

Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists takes care of several off road bike trails in the Twin Cities area. Every Wednesday evening they meet at Carver Lake Park in Woodbury MN and take care of the Carver Lake Bike Trail.


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