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Mountain Bike Skills Network Patreon page launched

My 1-minute video announcing my new Mountain Bike Skills Network Patreon page to the MTBSN Community:

Some background:

I took a much-needed, two-week tent camping vacation with my wife to the Grand Canyon last month. I came back refreshed and ready to examine what I wanted to do with the Mountain Bike Skills Network (MTBSN) community in the next year.

One thing is clear to me: the MTBSN Community is a gem and my #1 goal is to help it become more useful to current members while it continues its organic growth.

To help this happen, I started investigating the ‘creator’ features of Patreon. What’s Patreon?

“Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid.”

I’ve recently become a Patreon patron of:

I liked what I saw of Patreon and how these guys use it. My MTBSN Patreon page went live last night.  A screenshot: