Ego rationalization: mountain biking with the young bucks keeps me younger

In the past month or so, I’ve managed to go riding with guys 25-40 years younger than me. Yeah, that’s a bit of bragging as they’re all very good riders and I’m able to more or less keep up with them, which makes me feel younger.

But putting that ego stuff aside, it’s one of the things I really like about mountain biking as a geezer:  I get to meet and participate in a recreational activity with a younger crowd that I don’t normally have much contact with.

Update October 28: I’ve added several more riders, with photos and videos. The list now includes AJ Peterson, Chris Knight, David Starrs, John Gaddo, Manny Paulino, Marty Larson,  Michael Guinee, and Miguel Masberg.

July 27:  With John Gaddo, sessioning in the skills park at Lebanon Hills:

Griff and John orange helmets cropped

Aug 17: With Chris Knight, sessioning the technical stuff in the XX loops at Lebanon Hills:

Griff Wigley, Chris Knight

Aug 19: With David Starrs, sessioning the technical stuff in the XX loops at Lebanon Hills

Griff Wigley, David Starrs

Aug 24: With Marty Larson, doing two fast loops of the smooth, flowy singletrack at Carver Lake Park:

Marty Larson, Griff Wigley

Aug 26: With Miguel Masberg, doing a fast loop with some sessioning at Murphy-Hanrehan:

Miguel Masberg, Griff Wigley

September 9: With Manny Paulino, learning tabletops and pumping at Cottage Grove Bike Park:



October 19: With AJ Peterson sessioning the technical stuff at Lebanon Hills:

Griff Wigley, AJ Peterson


October 21: With Michael Guinee sessioning the skinnies and trails at Carver Lake Park:

Michael Guinee on skinny at Carver Lake Park


My 50-second video of Michael:

Michael’s 4-minute video of us:



  1. Stormy Ward said:

    Griff, you are doing something wrong. There are no charming dudettes in that bunch.

    September 11, 2014

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