Get your butt and your bike to this weekend’s Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Fest. It could change your life.

Cuyuna Lakes MTB Festival poster 2012I didn’t own a mountain bike when I went to the grand opening of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trail System last summer and the very first Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Fest.

But the experience was so fantastic and the people I met were so fun and interesting that I bought a bike as soon as I returned home and my recreational life has been pretty special ever since.

I’m going back this weekend for the 2nd Annual:

A collaborative fundraiser planned by and for the Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists, an IMBA Chapter and the Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce in an effort to continue to foster the growth of mountain biking as a sport in Minnesota and the community of Cuyuna Lakes.

The schedule of events is pretty amazing but be sure to see the blog posts for more details, for example:

My June 2011 blog post has links to all my photo albums from that weekend, but for a quick overview, see the large slideshow of 60 photos (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow: