It’s launch week for my new newsletter, MTB Practice Lab: Science-based strategies to help you get better at practicing mountain biking skills

MTB Practice Lab is a combination blog, newsletter, and community on the Substack platform. It’s all about:

Science-based strategies to help you get better at practicing mountain biking skills

Here are several launch-related items that you should know about:

  • I’ve published an overview of the newsletter — why it’s unique, who it’s for, and my plans for the future. See it here.
  • I’ve published ten posts, starting back in early July, so you can get a good idea of what types of content the newsletter will cover. Here’s a partial screenshot of the newsletter home page:
  • Though I write it, the newsletter is about creating a practice community for mountain bikers worldwide. So please feel free to speak up in the comments of posts (or in replies back to me) with your reactions, questions, suggestions, and responses to others. I’m also eager to hear stories about your practice-related struggles and successes.
  • I plan to send the newsletter out twice weekly, but since this is launch week, I’ll send it daily. I’ve got some stuff in mind that’s different from the 10 posts I’ve published thus far.
  • Consider getting the Substack app to read and participate if you use a smartphone. It’s available for iOS now and Android soon. Android users can use an RSS app like Feedly in the meantime.
  • MTB Practice Lab is currently free and not supported by advertising. To receive the newsletter via email, consider becoming a free subscriber. At some point, I’ll ask free subscribers to support my efforts by subscribing for a low monthly or annual fee. I plan to provide some cool and engaging extras for paid subscribers. But much of the email newsletter itself will remain free.

I’m excited about this new project. I hope you check it out.