Nita Woelbel, queen of Leb’s annual Halloween party

Halloween party 2013, Lebanon Hills Nita Woelbel Nita Woelbel's pies and chili, Halloween party 2013, Lebanon Hills Halloween party 2013, Lebanon Hills

Lebanon Hills MTB held their annual Halloween party and night ride at the west trailhead in Eagan last night and as far as I could tell, Nita Woelbel was the queen in charge. Perceptive, no?

She made the pies and her ‘famous’ homemade chili, organized the prizes, was the MC, and after it was all over, graciously thanked her helpers with a post in the MORC forum:

Chris, thanks for coming out and getting the tents up and Doug Ecker, you are magic with hanging up lights. Doug Purdy, phenomenal with the equipment and little details like carving a fat pumpkin at midnight and not cutting off a finger. Mark Gavin, you are amazing on that grill, and I’m burping that last dog up as I type this. Al Goldstein, you put up that sweet race course and unfortunately we ran out of time, thanks so much for the set up and tear down help. To everyone else that helped tear down, many thanks! Right around 10 p.m. it started to rain and we were out of there at 11:00…perfect! Thanks everyone for coming out with fantastic spirit on a rather cold, damp evening, I just love this life!

Nita even let me take some pie home, which I’m eating now as I blog this. Saaaaweet.

See the album of two dozen photos.


  1. Nita Woelbel said:

    I am verklempt with joy looking at these photos, what an amazing night and I thank you so much for recording this for me!!! You are just the most wonderful person Griff, and now you must promise me to show me how you do that line on Tedman’s Curve. Nita

    October 31, 2013
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    You’re welcome, Nita. And thanks for teaching me a new word: verklempt.

    I promise to show you how I do that line. But showing isn’t necessarily teaching so I may fail on that. 😉

    October 31, 2013

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