Episode 1: Show Overview, Part 1

[Partial Transcript]

Hey. Welcome to the MTB Practice Lab. I’m your host, Griff Wigley, Mountain Bike Geezer, and this is a show about learning how to get better at practicing mountain biking skills. This first episode is an overview of what the podcast is about. The short version?

The show is about mountain bike practicing-related skills and techniques. It’s not about mountain bike riding-related skills and techniques. You might be saying to yourself now, “Uh, sounds like the same thing, man” — so some examples:

You won’t find an episode about how to bunny hop or hold a track stand or jump tabletops or ride drops. You will find episodes about frequency — how often to practice — and duration — how long a practice should be; episodes about the benefits of turning drills into games and exaggerating aspects of a technique; the difference between practicing to learn versus practicing to perform, what strategies to consider when you hit the inevitable plateaus, and lots more.

I’ve come to the realization that mountain bikers who want to improve their riding skills — for sure most recreational riders but even many pros and instructors — don’t really know the best strategies for practicing effectively.

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