Episode 2: Show Overview, Part 2

[Partial Transcript]

Hey. Welcome to the MTB Practice Lab. I’m your host, Griff Wigley, Mountain Bike Geezer, and this is a show about learning how to get better at practicing mountain biking skills. In this second episode, I give you some background on what led me to create the show, including a story about my crash while learning to jump and how that played a role.
Here’s a clip from me riding my mountain bike on a windy day at our local skills park in late October 2019. I was going against the wind, practicing a small gap jump, trying to generate enough speed by properly pumping two rollers on the approach.
[noisy excerpt from Sechler Skills Park]
What you heard me saying out loud was my pre-obstacle relaxation/concentration routine that I’m experimenting with. More about it in an upcoming episode but I include it here because it’s an example of what I’ll have in most episodes – one or more short sound clips from my current life related to whatever the topic of the episode is about.
How did I get to the place where I got interested in the idea that learning how to learn, getting better at practicing, was itself a skill?
In the fall of 2017, I stumbled on The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills by Daniel Coyle.  He published it in 2012 as a manual/handbook companion to his 2009 bestseller, The Talent Code: Greatness isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How. (I’ll provide links in the show notes to those books and any others I mention here.)
I realized at the time that this idea of getting better at learning attracted me decades ago when I first read Tim Gallwey’s Inner Game books on tennis, golf, and skiing. 
But better yet, in The Little Book of Talent were dozens of tips not only for the inner game but also for the outer game of whatever sport you were learning, some of it based on recent discoveries about the brain. This was an eye-opener for me.

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