Episode 4: With a Get-Better mindset and the right approach to practice, progress is inevitable


Hey, welcome to the MTB Practice Lab. I’m your host, Griff Wigley, Mountain Bike Geezer, and this is a show about learning how to get better at practicing mountain biking skills with a few detours on other stuff I’m trying to get better at.

This is episode 4 in which I go deeper into the Be Good vs Get Better mindset that I introduced towards the end of episode 3. It’s particularly relevant to those times when you either hit a plateau in the development of a skill or even regress.

What you heard at the start was me interviewing my six-year-old granddaughter Kaya a few weeks ago as I wanted to see if she was able to discuss her learning mindset with me and maybe reflect a bit. That segment about her learning to use a hula hoop was from the middle of the interview. And the fact that she pulled that learning moment from memory out of the blue, no prompting from me or her parents, showed that she was grasping the idea of how we’re all bad at stuff when we start out, but that persistent practice pays off.

However, a few minutes later, I reminded her that she had a temper tantrum the night before when she was watching a video on how to draw a LOL doll.

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