QBP’s demo course at Frostbike: fat bikes on rollers and berms, oh my!

According to this post on Facebook, employees at QBP “spent weeks turning this year’s copious snow into a fat bike demo course” for their annual Frostbike dealer show at their headquarters in Bloomington. (I was there yesterday, doing board member booth duty at the MORC booth.)

John Gaddo on QBP's fat bike demo course at Frostbike QBP's fat bike demo course at Frostbike Colin Ford from Milwaukee: QBP's fat bike demo course at Frostbike

I don’t know for certain, but I’d bet that John Gaddo was the instigator, designer, and chief test rider. (I stole the above left photo from his Facebook profile.) 

I grabbed a ride on a demo Salsa Beargrease yesterday and did a few loops on the course, stopping along the way to take photos.  All went well until the end when I parked the bike near a series of rollers and berms to take a photo of Colin Ford from Milwaukee. He was flying, got a little air on one of the rollers, lost it,  and plowed right into my parked bike.  He actually cut his chin but graciously remained flat on his back while I took his photo. Only a seasoned mountain biker does that.

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