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Adam Buck, Chance Glasford, Colin VanDerHydeThe MORC Board announced its annual awards last month and four young guys (three in the right photo) were recognized for their volunteer work:  Chance Glasford for the President’s Award; Adam Buck for Volunteer of the Year; and Colin VanDerHyde and Mike Mullany for Trail Workers of the Year.

As a geezer, I’m glad to see this.

Maintenance People Trail work

A crew of MORC Gravity Advocates (a sub-group of MORC) spent much of Saturday working on the Cottage Grove Bike Park.

Colin VanDerHyde Chance Glasford Mike Mullany


Adam Buck Andy Sinclair

I took a few photos of Adam Buck, Mark Gavin, Chance Glasford, Mike Mullany, Andy Sinclair, and Colin VanDerHyde.  Chris Braaten was there in the morning before I arrived.

DSC03262 DSC03251 DSC03232

DSC03313 DSC03336 DSC03328

DSC03311 DSC03300 DSC03296

If you show up to work, you get to test and play a bit.

DSC03192 DSC03196 DSC03208

Some photos of Chance (above) and Mike (below) doing both:

DSC03202 DSC03203 DSC03213

See the large slideshow of all the above photos plus a dozen or so more or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow:

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