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I’ve been doing my best to draw attention to and foster discussion about the differing opinions among mountain bike instructors about cornering foot position.

It started last Monday with BetterRide Gene Hamilton’s blog post: Mountain Bike Cornering Foot Position Part 1 in which he harshly criticized IMBA ICP co-founder Shaums March’s approach.

Learning to ride

I blogged a little bit about cornering back in August when I started  learning how to pump a flat surface. Practicing pumping flat ground has helped me make some progress in my cornering ability, as you’ll see in the video of  me below riding at Lebanon Hills a month ago or so.

Two of the how-to videos I linked to in that post also had segments about cornering technique, and the one called Hip Flexion by MTB coach Simon Lawton (free Fluidride videos here) recommends a slightly different technique for a berm turn vs a flatland or off-camber turn.

Simon Lawton flatland turn Simon Lawton berm turn

He says:

Learning to ride Video