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If you’re a subscriber to my Mountain Bike Geezer news email list, you’ll receive an email this week with a link to a first draft of a new video I’ve created titled:

New Mountain Bike Geezer video
Light Hands, Heavy Feet: Developing the Habit

I’m changing the nature of the Mountain Bike Geezer news email list as part of a new online venture I’m developing.

Up until now, I’ve only used the the email list as way to alert people to new blog posts. I’ll still do that but I’ll also be using it to distribute some exclusive how-to-ride related info.  And when my new venture launches, people on the list will be the first to know.

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So if you’re reading this blog post on the website but you’re not on the list,  click here to subscribe.  It only takes 30 seconds or so.  And if you’re not happy with what I’m sending you, one click gets you off the list.



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new-mailchimp-logoIf you’ve subscribed to the Mountain Bike Geezer blog via my email newsletter (I use the MailChimp service), you may be wondering why nothing’s been delivered the past few months.

I ‘paused’ delivery late last fall to change some settings and neglected to turn it back on. Last week, a subscriber alerted me to the problem. Duh.

If you want to catch up on blog posts you’ve missed, you can just go to the Mountain Bike Geezer home page and scroll to the bottom, clicking on ‘older entries’ when you get there.

Or you can pick a month from the blog archives drop-down menu on the right sidebar and you’ll be shown all the blog entries from that month, for example, January, 2013.

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