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Learning to ride Thick Skull Mountain Bike Skills

Three weeks ago I was practicing manuals in a grassy field near my house, something I’ve done dozens of times this year.  I was wearing all my equipment, as I nearly always do when I’m practicing in the neighborhood. (I still feel a little awkward doing this but I crash enough that it’s worth it. Besides, I’m a geezer who doesn’t have to worry too much about this, remember?)

As often happens when learning to do a manual (non-pedaling wheelie), the front end of the bike came up too high, requiring a tap on the rear brake to bring it back down. This time, however, I tapped a little too hard and with the bike listing slightly to the right, the front tire grabbed the grass when it hit and stopped the bike dead, pitching me over the bars.  I’ve gone over the bars many times in my first year of riding and never have gotten hurt.  This time, however, I landed squarely on the top of my shoulder.  It felt exactly like the time four years ago when I was snowboarding and landed on the same shoulder in the same manner and tore my rotator cuff, requiring surgery to fix it.… Read the rest

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