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Trails Video


Trails Video

In the past month or so, I’ve managed to go riding with guys 25-40 years younger than me. Yeah, that’s a bit of bragging as they’re all very good riders and I’m able to more or less keep up with them, which makes me feel younger.

But putting that ego stuff aside, it’s one of the things I really like about mountain biking as a geezer:  I get to meet and participate in a recreational activity with a younger crowd that I don’t normally have much contact with.

Update October 28: I’ve added several more riders, with photos and videos. The list now includes AJ Peterson, Chris Knight, David Starrs, John Gaddo, Manny Paulino, Marty Larson,  Michael Guinee, and Miguel Masberg.

People Video

I’d never heard of the term ‘pedal ratcheting’ as a mtb skill until recently when I noticed that it’s one of the skills covered in IMBA’s ICP Level 2 course.  See it demonstrated at the 1:18 mark of this video by ICP’s Lead Instructor Trainer Shaums March.

Leb rock and elevated boardwalk skinny

Pedal ratcheting turned out to be helpful last week in two instances.  The first was when I was attempting to ride this multiple rock/elevated boardwalk skinny in the skills park at the Lebanon Hills MTB Trail system. I was on my 29’er, trying to get through in the opposite direction from normal (more difficult) without a rear wheel hop:

Learning to ride

After a dozen tries, I finally cleaned this rock skinny yesterday at the Lebanon Hills Mountain Bike Trail skills park, riding it backwards on my 29’er, no hopping. The rear wheel just caught the edge of one of the planks.

Trails Video