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Lebanon Hills MTB Park dirt bosses and volunteers have recently added new logs to one of the park’s XX log step ladders, making it more difficult. The photo on the right is from the Leb Facebook page, showing the team effort needed to get the logs in place.

I rode the ladder on Saturday and made a short video showing me riding the lower half straight up, as well as my attempts at an alternative zig zag line over three of the logs.


Update Nov 4:

One of the Leb dirt bosses saw my video above and said that they needed to do a better job of securing the side boundary logs that I was riding over.  They did, so last week I went to ride there again. I discovered that I could get over the rock on the left side (after several crashes) and another set of double logs on the right side.  I also had fun riding down these obstacles and doing some tight turns in the middle.  It’s a mini-skills park! The video:


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