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Last week, I posted the question (to my MTB Geezer blog, my MTB Geezer Instagram feed, my MTB Geezer Twitter feed,  & my MTB Geezer Facebook page):

A big tree came down along a segment of our local mtb trail recently. We got it trimmed up a few weeks ago and last week, it occurred to me to try riding over the fat end where it hangs over a concrete block lip. So it’s a logover but it’s also a drop. Can you predict from these video stills whether or not I endoed?

Here’s my overly-detailed (5.5 minutes!) video analysis of my ride over that logover drop.

Instruction Learning to ride Video

Instagram post Learning to ride

Instagram post Learning to ride Video

Straw poll Video

Last Saturday morning, my buddy Clay Haglund from MAMB captured my two attempts at a logover that’s along CROCT’s Sechler Park MTB Trail in Northfield.

Watch this 45-second video of the two attempts (each with a 50% slomo clip) and then take the straw poll below.

I’ll post the results on Friday along with my analysis and then open it up for discussion.

12/06 update: See the logover poll results and video analysis in this blog post.

Straw poll Video