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Last week, I posted the question (to my MTB Geezer blog, my MTB Geezer Instagram feed, my MTB Geezer Twitter feed,  & my MTB Geezer Facebook page):

A big tree came down along a segment of our local mtb trail recently. We got it trimmed up a few weeks ago and last week, it occurred to me to try riding over the fat end where it hangs over a concrete block lip. So it’s a logover but it’s also a drop. Can you predict from these video stills whether or not I endoed?

Here’s my overly-detailed (5.5 minutes!) video analysis of my ride over that logover drop.

Instruction Learning to ride Video


Instagram post Learning to ride


Another view of it:

Instagram post Learning to ride Video

Straw poll Video

Last Saturday morning, my buddy Clay Haglund from MAMB captured my two attempts at a logover that’s along CROCT’s Sechler Park MTB Trail in Northfield.

Watch this 45-second video of the two attempts (each with a 50% slomo clip) and then take the straw poll below.

I’ll post the results on Friday along with my analysis and then open it up for discussion.

12/06 update: See the logover poll results and video analysis in this blog post.

Straw poll Video