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I’m now an IMBA ICP Level 2 MTB instructor

I took the IMBA Instructor Certification Program (ICP) Level 2 course last weekend. It was 3+ days of intense instruction, practice teaching, and testing.


Here are a few photos of my fellow colleagues (we all passed) and our terrific instructor, Mike Holme. It happened at Buck Hill Ski & Snowboard Area which graciously donated the use of their facilities for the course, including some indoor space for riding every time it poured.

IMBA’s Level 1 Instructor Certification Program: intense, fun, valuable

If I could only use one word to describe my experience as a student in IMBA’s Level 1  Instructor Certification Program (ICP) course over the weekend, it would be ‘intense.’

The feeling of intensity began building several days prior when a packet arrived in the mail with the 80-page Level 1 Ride Guide. It included the instructions:

ICP Level 1 course materialsEnclosed is your ICP course manual along with a pre-test for your upcoming certification event. Please complete this open book test and bring the completed pages with you to the course along with your manual.

Pre-test? I was a little bit annoyed. WTF is this, high school? But as I did my homework, I noticed a degree of seriousness kick in as I realized that I wanted to not only perform well and get whatever passing grade was needed but that I really wanted to learn this stuff.  Time to put on your big boy pants, I told myself.

Jake Carsten and Kat Sweet at Valley Bike and Ski Lebanon Hills MTB park, west trail head Mike Holme, Kat Sweet, Jake Carsten

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Photo album: IMBA’s Level 1 Instructor Certification Program at Lebanon Hills

IMBA has an Instructor Certification Program (ICP) and I took the Level 1 course over the Memorial Day weekend at Lebanon Hills. The instructors (L to R in the photo above): Mike Holme, Magpie Cycling Adventures; Kat Sweet, Sweetlines; Jake Carsten, Dirt Dojo.

I’ll blog about the course later (I passed – whew!) but in the meantime, see the large slideshow of 57 photos (recommended) or SLOW CLICK this small slideshow. My fellow students included Amie Topp, Fred Johnson, Jeff Milbauer, Martha Flynn, Ted Siefkes, Ron Berry, Heather George, Amanda Dekan, Nathan Plescher, and Danielle Pellicano.