Top Ten Difficult MTB technical obstacles in Twin Cities Metro area – 2014

The technical obstacles ranked here were voted the 2014 Top Ten most difficult skinnies, rocks, rock gardens, drops, and climbs selected from  the Twin Cities metro area mountain bike trail systems. (Not included: bike park jumps, pump tracks, berms, etc.) ‘Difficult’ was left open to interpretation: skill level, exertion, danger, etc. See the discussion in the MORC forum here for how this voting came to be.

There was a two-stage voting process. The first stage was designed to whittle down 20 candidates to the 10 finalists. Stage two was to rank the 10 finalists.

1. The first stage of voting occurred at the end October 2014.

Results, stage 1
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Top Ten Difficult MTB sections survey, part 1 results

2. The second stage of voting to rank the ten finalists occurred during the first week of November, 2014.

Results, stage 2

Ranking of Top Ten difficult obstacls in Twin Cities 2014

Top 20 Candidates

Battle Creek Park, St. Paul

Name: Wall of Death

Wall of Death (up) - Battle Creek Wall of Death (down) - Battle Creek

Video: Heath Weisbrod

VideoKasey Bacso 

Carver Lake Park, Woodbury

Name: Elevated boardwalk skinny

Elevated boardwalk skinny - Carver Lake Elevated boardwalk skinny - Carver Lake

Elm Creek Park, Maple Grove

Name: Grizzland skinny

Grizzland skinny - Elm Creek

Video: Griff Wigley

Name: Rock Garden

Elm Creek rock garden

Hillside Park, Elk River

Name: Browner stockade skinny

Browner Stockade Skinny, Hillside Park 1 Browner Stockade Skinny, Hillside Park 2 Browner Stockade Skinny, Hillside Park 3 Browner Stockade Skinny, Hillside Park 4

Video: Ray Brown

Video: Mike Samson

Video: Griff Wigley

Name: Rock drop

rock drop, Hillside Park 3 rock drop, Hillside Park 2 rock drop, Hillside Park 1

Video: Griff Wigley

Name: Rock ladder

Hillside rock ladder Hillside rock ladder

Name: Teeter Totter

Hillside teeter totter Hillside teeter totter

Name: Double log skinny

Hillside double log skinny Hillside double log skinny

Lebanon Hills Park, Eagan

Name: Logover-skinny combo

Logover/skinny combo, Lebanon Hills Logover/skinny combo, Lebanon Hills

Video (dab/not clean): Griff Wigley

Name: Triangle rock

Triangle rock, Lebanon Hills Triangle rock, Lebanon Hills

Name: Tedman’s Curve with slab finish

Tedman's Curve uphill slab, Lebanon Hills Tedman's Curve uphill slab, Lebanon Hills


Video: Griff Wigley

Name: Log ladder

Log Ladder 1, Lebanon Hills

Video: Griff Wigley

Name: Intermediate-out log skinny

Curving elevated log skinny, Lebanon Hills Curving elevated log skinny, Lebanon Hills

Video: Ken Barker

Video: Griff Wigley

Name: Bridge rock

Bridge rock, Lebanon Hills Bridge rock, Lebanon Hills

Videos: Griff Wigley

Minnesota River Bottoms, Bloomington

Name: 9 Mile Creek log crossing

9 Mile Creek cottonwood skinny, MN River Bottoms, Bloomington 9 Mile Creek cottonwood skinny, MN River Bottoms, Bloomington

Video: Griff Wigley

Murphy-Hanrehan Park, Savage

Name: Elevated boardwalk skinny

Elevated boardwalk skinny, Murphy Hanrehan Elevated boardwalk skinny, Murphy Hanrehan

Video: Griff Wigley

Name: Rock bridge

Murphy Hanrehan rock bridge Murphy Hanrehan rock bridge

Theodore Wirth Park, Minneapolis

Name: Curving elevated skinny

Curved skinny, Theodore Wirth Curved skinny, Theodore Wirth

Video: Griff Wigley

Name: Rock garden climb

Rock garden climb, Theodore Wirth

Video: Clay Haglund