Video analysis: logover drop

Last week, I posted the question (to my MTB Geezer blog, my MTB Geezer Instagram feed, my MTB Geezer Twitter feed,  & my MTB Geezer Facebook page):

A big tree came down along a segment of our local mtb trail recently. We got it trimmed up a few weeks ago and last week, it occurred to me to try riding over the fat end where it hangs over a concrete block lip. So it’s a logover but it’s also a drop. Can you predict from these video stills whether or not I endoed?

Here’s my overly-detailed (5.5 minutes!) video analysis of my ride over that logover drop.


  1. I’ve missed your scholarly dissertations on the MTB trivia that rules our lives. Glad you lucked out on this one………you’ve earned it!
    My young friends would have attained warp speed and just jumped it………but the slow steady route is better for our bones.
    Yes……I find that I wait too long for a lot of these moves. Guess it’s a Love/Hate thing: I want to clear it but know the possible pain and anguish that awaits.
    MTBing gives us a chance to work these existential issues.
    I’ve signed up for RL’s forums so look forward to lots more conundrums.
    All The Best in 2017……..

    December 31, 2016
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    Good to hear from you, Rusty. I think some of your young friends might have trouble jumping or bunny hopping this log because of the turn in the approach. But it’s a good challenge either way.

    See you in Ryan Leech’s RLC!

    January 3, 2017

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