Woolly Bike Club’s new Erratic Rock Trail

Annual Woolly Day 2014 - Woolly Bike ClubI attended the Woolly Bike Club‘s 2nd Annual Woolly Day in Saint Croix Falls, WI last Sunday.

I’d never ridden their trails and they were using the occasion to open their brand new flow trail, Erratic Rock.  They timed it right: blue skies, warm temps at the peak of fall colors.

Woolly Bike Club trailhead Woolly Bike Club trailhead Woolly Bike Club trailhead

WBC club vice president Mark Fisk (@markbfisk) greeted the 2 dozen+ riders and sent us out en masse to ride the nearly 3-mile trail.  (I’d forgotten that I’d met Mark back in June of 2013 at the IMBA Upper Midwest Regional Summit in Cable. Duh.) Among the group were my fellow MORC members Issac Niebeling and Michael Guinee.

Woolly Bike Club president Mark Fisk Woolly Mountain Bike Trail map - fall 2014 Issac Niebeling and Michael Guinee

Erratic Rock Trail - Woolly Bike ClubThe new Erratic Rock Trail is an intermediate-level flow trail though a spectacular hardwood forest. As you can see from the map above, it’s connected to another intermediate mtb trail, Big Oak. Advanced-level riders can be challenged by trying to go faster through all the sweeping curves on the long twisting route down.  It’s a hoot.

Woolly Bike Club picnicThe club hosted a picnic at the end of the day, complete with brats, a bonfire, beverages and cake.

Nice touch!

Michael Guinee took some video while following me. Here’s a one-minute clip of some of the trail up top and on the way down.

I’m hoping to bring some of my fellow CROCT members up to see this new trail. We have our own glacial erratic rock adjacent to a county park near Northfield where we hope to soon get approval to build a mtb trail. The terrain and hardwood forest setting is very similar.

Erratic Rock, WBC Glacial erratic rock, Rice County, MN


  1. Clay said:

    So where’s this one minute clip you speak of Griff?

    October 27, 2014
  2. Clay said:

    Never mind…it doesn’t show up in the email with the rest of the pics you know…

    October 27, 2014
  3. Griff Wigley said:

    Hey Clay, yeah, I guess that’s a limitation of the plugin.

    October 27, 2014

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